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Tribe: Dog Soldiers
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Northern Cheyenne chief, Black Kettle was not a war chief, and had never gone to war.

Black Kettle, having survived the infamous slaughter of over 200 Cheyenne (mostly women & children) at the Sand Creek reservation, met his demise at the hands of troops led by gen. George Armstrong Custer almost 4 years to the day after the Sand Creek massacre.

even though Black Kettle flew the American flag and a white flag of truce over his lodge. In the early morning hours of Nov. 29 1864 a column of Colorado militia led by col. John Chivington attacked the sand creek reservation and slaughtered over 200 of the peaceful inhabitants (mostly women & children). The soldiers then paraded through the streets of Denver with body parts on themselves and their horses for decoration.

elk tooth necklace, buckskin fringe. This mask is 16 inches.

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