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Tribe: Assiniboine
Price: $1200.00

This is an 1832 Kettle Bone Assiniboine Dog Solider known as "Powerful Walking Wolf" This is a very large piece measuring 27x32 and takes 6 to 8 weeks to complete. This mask is complete with Real Turquoise Nugget necklace, Beaded Rosette,Real Fox Face War Bonnet, Real Fox Tails, Real Fox Skull. The painted decorations the "x" pattern with an upward sweep and a circle resting on the apex indicated "Wounded" The "u" shaped design was for "Horse Raids".

The Assiniboine Nation was constantly at War with the Sioux and the Blackfoot. They were also some of the most beautifully dressed and decorated more that any other Nation. The Assiniboine were also outstanding Warriors.

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