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Name: Kelly
City: Greensboro, NC
Signed: 2005-12-19 19:27:13
Message: Absolutely beautiful piece of work!! Ordering and receiving order was super smooth! I will most definitely purchase from again!!

Name: Diane and Robert Kosier
City: Medina, Ohio
Signed: 2005-11-23 15:11:42
Message: We just received our "Laughing Otter" mask and wonderful. You do great work. We will be ordering more items.

Name: Lady Suspect
City: lowell
Signed: 2005-11-17 10:11:35
Message: love them masks

Name: Spider
Website: http://spidertattooz.com
City: Chi-Town
Signed: 2005-11-09 07:48:45
Message: I like this new sign in Thanks for exterminating the Spammer Woplia!

Name: Zachary Cook
Website: http://www.digivisprod.com
City: Glen Ellyn
Signed: 2005-11-08 19:23:16
Message: Due to all the spam this guestbook was receiving we have added a new feature to the signature page.

While we were working on the guestbook we also tightened up a few other features.

Hope you like the changes Spider, and I hope it means less spam for you to delete and for everybody to clean out of their inboxes.

As always, best of luck with everything.

Name: Ty's mom, Marsie
City: Sycamore
Signed: 2005-10-19 12:27:16
Message: I want you to know we feel proud to have met you both and only hope that many others can experience the loving kindness the two of you express to mankind. Ditto on all comments on how extraordinarily talented you are. We miss you both and think of you always. What a shame to be so busy. PLEASE stop in the 29th P.M., IF you can tollerate us. I'm sure you'll hear us from afar. If not, see you at the Parade, where we first met! Sent with Love. XXOO

Name: Linda Jessogne
City: Carpentersville, IL
Signed: 2005-07-21 21:59:42
Message: I LOVE your masks!!! You really put your heart into them and you can see that in the emence detail that you put in to them. I saw the ones that you made for Greg and they are awesome! Still waiting for my tatoo though! LOL

Name: Melissa... little sister
Signed: 2005-04-26 15:13:47
Message: I love the pictures you posted, you and Glo are so perfect together... but I don't see any of your lovely sisters... :)

Name: Brianne Ellison
City: Eugene, OR
Signed: 2005-01-19 12:31:11
Message: Hi, I found your website on Harley Chat. My husband just became a member. This is a beautiful website!

Name: John "the Flyer" Olson
Website: http://community.webshots.com/user/freewayflier
Signed: 2005-01-04 10:26:24
Message: thank you for the Honor of viewing your fantastic art !!! truly inspirational !!!

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