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Name: Webmaster
Website: http://www.digivisprod.com
City: Chicago
Signed: 2003-07-11 03:26:41
Message: Unfortunately the old host of The Lost Warrior's guestbook database is a sorry excuse for a business and took a server offline without giving me ANY warning or even backing up the data. So all guestbook entries have been lost. Thank you to all who have signed it. Feel free to sign again if you see fit.

Name: Mom
City: Florence
Signed: 2003-08-04 19:18:48
Message: I'm so glad you posted pictures of your beautiful wedding. It was a fantastic day, a georgeous location, and a very meaningful ceremony. I wish you at least as many years as Dad and I have had. Thanks, Spider, for our new daughter.
Love, Mom

Name: Laura Fletcher
City: West Chicago, Illinois
Signed: 2003-08-13 07:21:27
Message: It was such a beautiful cermony at an unbelievably beautiful location. I still get goose bumps when I think back to the flute music playing in the background. Scott and I were honored to be there and to be able to capture this perfect day on film for you. Love you guys!

Name: Spider
City: Sycamore
Signed: 2003-08-13 08:00:50
Message: Just wanted to personally Thanks Billy & Zack for their outstanding work and dedication to this Web Site, Thanks a Million

Name: Mom
City: Florence
Signed: 2003-10-03 11:46:02
Message: Just looking around in here today. I see some beautiful new masks that I haven't had the pleasure of seeing before. GREAT WORK!! Sending my Love.

Name: William Smedley
Website: http://cadddesign.com
City: Stuart, Oklahoma
Signed: 2004-01-15 12:54:38
Message: Just checking your website out, very cool.....

Name: Lori
City: Toledo
Signed: 2004-01-20 17:55:23
Message: Everytime I check back here it gets bigger and better. Awesome! Thanks for sharing the wedding pics. You both look great! Best of the best to you both.

Name: Corrie Jessogne
City: New London
Signed: 2004-03-15 14:47:28
Message: I loved the website. The masks are wickly awsome! Your wedding pictures are beatutiful, you both look Great together. I wish the two of you the best.

Name: Lee
City: Winston-Salem, N.C.
Signed: 2004-04-09 13:23:36
Message: I really enjoyed your web site,this is my first visit here but not the last. Your wedding pictures were great.

Name: J. Martinez
City: Chicago
Signed: 2004-04-13 11:08:35
Message: Great website!!! This is my first visit, but not my last. I've been trying to research my own family origins, which may descend from the Pima Indians in Son Sonate El Salvadore. Any suggestions on who to contact to help with family trees would be appreciated. Plus I plan on coming to your place to add on to a pre existing tattoo.


J. Martinez

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